When the Port of Vancouver USA built its mitigation bank in 2012, our Environmental Services team worked with their partners to make sure helpful vegetation was planted in abundance to support songbird habitat. To make sure their hard work is paying off, the port conducts a bird survey to track how many different species make their home here at the port.

Carefully selected vegetation species were planted at the bank to encourage songbird habitat. The variety of plants were selected as natural resources that could provide food, cover and nesting materials. Conducting the bird survey allows us to track the returning species of songbirds and serves as a tool to help monitor the success of the vegetation and our goal of increasing songbird use.

The survey is showing that species like the American goldfinch, black-capped chickadee, great egret, mallard and white-crowned sparrow continue to come back to the port’s mitigation bank every year. Some exciting species like bald eagles, blue herons and osprey have been known to nest on port property.

The port started its bird survey in 2009 and each year shares results and information with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Vancouver Audubon Society to help them keep accurate records of some native Pacific Northwest species.