The Port of Vancouver USA will make the following adjustments to Tariff No. 6 effective July 1, 2022

  1. The front page of the tariff will update the new tariff effective 7/1/2022. 
  2. Dockage and Security charges will increase by 10%. 
  3. The following charges will increase by 7.1%: 
  4. Wharfage (excluding autos, which will increase with ILWU wage increase) 
  5. Service and Facilities (excluding autos, which will increase with ILWU wage increase) 
  6. Small lots fee 
  7. Storage and Demurrage 
  8. Equipment Rentals  
  9. If a Tariff rate (other than storage) is listed in cents where the percentage adjustment does not cause a rate change, the rate will increase by $0.01. 
  10. Labor rates will increase in accordance with the ILWU per hour and man-hour assessment increases. This change will be posted when the Pacific Maritime Association posts the actual increases. These changes will affect: Auto Wharfage, Auto Services and Facilities, Truck and Rail Loading/Unloading, Handling, Labor, Man-Hour Rates, and all labor related rates

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Download Resource PDFJune 17, 2022