Centennial Public Tour: See Your Port

Crane loading cargo, 2011
Public Tours, 2007

The Port of Vancouver will hold a Centennial Public Tour on Thursday, February 23 at noon. The port has been hosting public tours for more than a decade, with this year’s tour taking on a very special focus. This will be the first tour of the port’s 2012 centennial year. The unique opportunity allows visitors to indulge in 100 years of port history by participating in trivia, asking questions, and seeing port facilities first-hand during the port’s historic centennial year!

With construction under way on the West Vancouver Freight Access rail project—the largest transportation project in the port’s history—among other projects, tour-goers will learn why the port is attracting nearly $400 million in private investment and new jobs for the community!

Those interested in learning about the port should sign up for a tour by making a reservation. Call 360-693-3611 or email the port at info@portvanusa.com to secure your spot in the tour. There will be a total of eight Centennial Public Tours, which will run from February through October 2012.

Visitors will gather at the port’s main office to meet staff, learn about the port’s centennial and see how the port is working on its next 100 years of possibilities.

Reservations and photo ID are required to attend a tour. Port tours last approximately two hours. Please, no cameras are allowed on marine terminals.

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