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Ship drawing by Josie Goode, Age 8
Ship drawing by Jimmy Alvirde, Age 11
Ship drawing by Mark Dubinskiy
Ship drawing by Lincoln Goode, Age 6
Ship drawing by Cade Ferguson, Age 8
Ship drawing by Pam Woods

In the section titled, “Old Ships, New Ships, Ships of the Future!” in the Port of Vancouver’s spring Community Re:Port, we asked children what ships would look like 100 years from now. Will they have robot crews? Will they be like floating cities? We then challenged them to grab a piece of paper and put their imaginations to the test!

Port staff enjoyed the following weeks as creative drawings came in from all over the port district. We liked these drawings so much that we couldn’t help but share them with you.

One “extreme fishing ship” featured a submarine option and an underground escape pod. Another featured a cruise ship with a rotating top deck for easy access to cargo stored below the staterooms. There was even an environmentally friendly ship that included a solar panel on the top deck and a solar motor. Not to be outdone, one ship was a hovercraft, and others included robot sailors! Visit the port’s centennial website to see the drawings, and their artists, yourself!


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