Port, vessel, customer and shipping representatives on the Monoceros Leader

Top of stairs, left to right: Alex Strogen, Port of Vancouver USA; Nino Benedetti, Jones Stevedoring; Jenelle Bule, Inchcape Shipping Services; Tim Oltmann, Port of Vancouver USA; Chris Fallon, Port of Vancouver USA; Capt. Pavan Peter D’Lima; Aaron Cohen, Jones Stevedoring; Ann Tetreault, Subaru of America; James Tully, NYK Line (North America) Inc. On stairs, top to bottom: Joseph Fanning, Subaru of America; Fikrit Brkic, Auto Warehousing Company; Mike Repman, Auto Warehousing Company; Casey O’Dell, Port of Vancouver USA; Josh Allen, Port of Vancouver USA.

VANCOUVER, Wash.—The Port of Vancouver USA welcomed the Monoceros Leader, commanded by Capt. Pavan Peter D’Lima of India, on her maiden voyage Nov. 8.

Capt. D’Lima and his 23-member Indian and Filipino crew were welcomed to Vancouver by representatives from NYK Line (North America) Inc., Subaru of America, Auto Warehouse Company, Jones Stevedoring and the Port of Vancouver USA.

The Monoceros Leader is a Pure Car Carrier (PCC) built in Japan. PCCs are distinctive vessels designed for the efficient transport of high quantities of vehicles from source to market. The largest PCCs can carry thousands of vehicles across several decks.

The Monoceros Leader is 656 feet long with a deadweight capacity of 19,159 metric tons. She can transport up to 7,100 units. She is owned by Nancy Ship Holding S.A. and operated by NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd.

The vessel departed Japan for the U.S. in October 2018. Once berthed at the Port of Vancouver USA, International Longshore and Warehouse Union crews discharged 2,270 Subaru vehicles to be processed at the port and shipped to buyers across the Northern U.S.

After discharging Subaru vehicles at the Port of Vancouver USA, the Monoceros Leader will sail to other ports on the U.S. West Coast. Port Hueneme, California, is the final destination on her maiden voyage.

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