The Port of Vancouver USA Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt the newly drawn district boundaries, as required by Washington law, RCW Title 53.16 and Title 29A.76. Redistricting occurs every 10 years, following the national decennial census.

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On August 23, 2022, the port held the first of three public hearings as part of its redistricting process. The final hearing took place today with a vote to adopt the new boundaries held immediately after the hearing.

The port’s taxing district encompasses an area of 111 square miles with a population of approximately 335,569. This area is divided into three separate commission districts, with one commissioner representing each district. Currently, Don Orange represents District 1, Eric LaBrant represents District 2 and Jack Burkman represents District 3.

The population growth in Clark County affected the equal distribution of residents living in each of the port’s three commission districts. Due to this growth, a map was drawn, adjusting the commissioner district boundaries to bring the three districts to as nearly equal population as possible.

The port worked closely with Clark County Geographic Information Services (GIS) to determine the best recommendation to align the three districts with generally the same population as the target population. The target population was determined to be 111,856 per district given the port district total of 335,569 and then divided by three.

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