Welcome to the Port of Vancouver USA Centennial Celebration

Our theme for the year is “A Century of Possibilities,” and what a century it’s been! Since 1912 the Port of Vancouver has served as an engine of economic growth in our community through leadership, stewardship and partnership in marine and industrial development. As we enter this historic 100th year, we invite you to join […]

Wrapping Up the Centennial

As the centennial year draws to a close, we’d like to send you off with a special holiday greeting, which you will see has a centennial theme. This year has been so rewarding and exciting for all of us here at the Port of Vancouver, and we hope you have enjoyed learning about our past […]

Building Bridges

Students from Union High School, Evergreen High School, and Mountain View High School competed in a model bridge building competition at the Port of Vancouver USA on Thursday, November 15. Teams from each class tested the strength of their bridges by adding sand to the point of collapse. Professional engineers from the Port of Vancouver […]

Tracking Progress

Even before Vancouver became an official port, rail powered its economy. The early 1900s brought the Northern Pacific-owned Washington and Oregon (W &O) railroad and the Portland, Vancouver & Seattle Railway, which became the Spokane, Portland & Seattle (S P & S). The port’s partnership with S P & S began in 1917 when the […]

What’s in a Name?

Ever wondered how roads, neighborhoods and other areas in Vancouver got their names? Here’s a fun list of some streets surrounding the Port of Vancouver and what they’re named after! Fourth Plain Boulevard—To identify several plains extending back from the Columbia River, the Hudson’s Bay Company gave them names, such as First, Second, Third and […]