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The Port of Vancouver USA is primarily a bulk import and export facility with dedicated facilities for specific commodities, such as grain, soy beans, corn, mineral ores, concentrates, fertilizers, clays, bauxite and agricultural commodities. Other bulk commodities are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Terminal 2: Grain Elevator 

  • Dock Length: 715 lineal feet
  • Dock Height: 30 feet
  • Berth Depth: 43 feet (CRD)*

The grain terminal is owned by the port and leased and operated by United Grain Corporation. The facility consists of a 715-foot dock and a barge dock that allows simultaneous barge off-loading at a rate of 1,088 metric tons per hour, and a vessel-loading rate of 2,177 metric tons per hour. The elevator has storage capacity for five million bushels, with more than 250 silos for segregating wheat, soybeans and corn types at the facility.

GrainElevator-POV-2015_3731web2United Grain Corporation is the largest wheat exporting elevator on the U.S. West Coast. Due to continual expansion and upgrading of the elevator, originally built in 1934, the company is among the most efficient handlers of grain in the world.

Terminal 2, Berth 7: Dry Bulk Export Dock

  • Dock Length: 800 lineal feet
  • Dock Height: 30 feet
  • Berth Depth: 43 feet (CRD)*

This dry bulk dock is capable of exporting a broad range of heavy mineral bulk commodities quickly and efficiently using a specialized conveyor system.

 We have all the equipment to get the job done: a bottom dump pit and covered conveyor system with direct transfer from railcar to vessel suitable for handling iron ore. In addition, our 160,000-square-foot bulk sheds, portable conveyors and hoppers, front-end loaders and dump trucks make the port a perfect transshipment location for a wide variety of dry bulk goods. The port’s bulk facility is operated by Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals, Inc.

Terminal 2, Berth 2: Bulk Scrap Export

  • Dock Length: 550 lineal feet
  • Dock Height: 30 feet
  • Berth Depth: 43 feet (CRD)*

This bulk scrap export dock is a state-of-the-art, environmentally compliant facility that handles many types of scrap commodities.

Terminal 2, Berth 5: Liquid Bulk Dock

  • Dock Length: 400 lineal feet
  • Dock Height: 34.5 feet
  • Berth Depth: 41 feet (CRD)*

The liquid bulk dock is owned by the port, and operated by NuStar Energy L.P. and Tesoro Logistics. It has three pipelines from the dock to several storage tank farms, with a total capacity of over three million barrels. This dock routinely handles jet fuel, caustic soda, methanol, diesel and other petroleum products.

Terminal 5

  • Used for long-term storage
  • Used for rail loading

*Channel depth information as provided by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Marketing and Sales

Steve Mickelson
Sales Director
Steve Mickelson
Port 3D image May 2013

Rendering of potential high-volume mineral bulk facility at Terminal 5

Available Now: 86 acres at Terminal 5 for a new high-volume mineral bulk facility

The Port of Vancouver USA now has space available at its newest terminal – Terminal 5 – for a new high-volume mineral bulk facility. Permits are already in place and construction can begin immediately on this 86-acre parcel, which is specially designed to handle a multi-million-ton facility. This site provides a unique opportunity to develop shovel-ready property on the U.S. West Coast.

Terminal 5 features a loop track that allows unit trains to be handled within the port’s internal rail complex. Four 8,500-ft. loop tracks were specially designed to accommodate multiple unit trains carrying a variety of dry and liquid bulk cargoes. There is also room to add a fifth track to meet future capacity needs.

Want to know more about building a high-volume bulk mineral facility at Terminal 5 or the port’s rapidly-growing rail capacity? Please contact Steve Mickelson at smickelson@portvanusa.com or 360-693-3611.

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