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Agendas & Minutes

The Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners holds regular public meetings and community members are invited to attend. Opportunities for the public to speak briefly are provided at each meeting, and comments and suggestions on port business are welcome. Commission meetings are usually held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month beginning at 8:30 a.m. in the Commission Room at the port administrative offices. Meetings are also broadcast on Clark/Vancouver Television cable channels 21 and 23, and live-streamed via www.cvtv.org.

Meeting materials from Board of Commissioners meetings are available on the port’s website for a period of one year. Please submit a Public Records Request to receive meetings not posted on the website.

Meeting Materials

Agenda & DocumentsPresentation(s)Approved Minutes
Agenda-Docs – 12/19/19Presentation – 12/19/19Special Meeting Minutes-12/19/19
Agenda-Docs – 12/10/19Presentation – 12/10/19Regular Meeting Minutes-12/10/19
Agenda-Docs – 11/26/19Presentation – 11/26/19Regular Meeting Minutes – 11/26/19
Agenda-Docs – 11/12/19Presentation – 11/12/19Regular Meeting Minutes – 11/12/19
Agenda-Docs – 10/22/19Presentation – 10/22/19Regular Meeting Minutes – 10/22/19
  Special Mtg/Exec Session Minutes – 10/15/19
Agenda-Docs – 10/08/19Presentation – 10/08/19Regular Meeting Minutes – 10/08/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 09/24/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 09/10/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 08/27/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 08/13/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 07/09/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 06/25/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 06/11/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 05/14/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 04/23/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 03/19/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 02/26/19
  Special 3-Ports Meeting Minutes – 02/21/19
  Regular Meeting Minutes – 01/08/19


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