Port of Vancouver USA

Project/Heavy Lift

As the West Coast break bulk experts, the Port of Vancouver USA has a proven record for handling project cargo. We offer two Liebherr mobile harbor cranes—each with a lift capacity of 140 metric tons— as well as extensive warehouse and laydown capacity. With a workforce known for its expertise and efficiency, the Port of Vancouver has what it takes to save you time and money.

We are proud to offer our customers the heavy lift triple threat: access, capacity and expertise.


  • Unmatched location at the intersection of road, river and rail
  • Five terminals and 13 berths
  • The most direct, uninterrupted route from the Pacific Rim to the U.S. Midwest and Western Canada


  • Two Liebherr mobile harbor cranes—each with 140-metric ton lift capacity
  • 350,000 rail car capacity
  • 610,000 sq. ft. of waterfront warehousing


  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Logistics consultation
  • Regional and global transportation partnerships

Please contact us at pov-sales@portvanusa.com or 360-693-3611 for questions regarding project cargo/heavy lift.

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Port of Vancouver USA

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