Port of Vancouver USA

Port of Vancouver USA will make the following adjustment to Tariff No. 6 effective July 1, 2024


The Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain

Located one hundred miles up the Columbia River from the Pacific Ocean on a 43-foot, deep-draft shipping channel, the Port of Vancouver USA is a premier shipping gateway for the United States and Canada. Our strategic location at the nexus of two interstate highways and a continent-spanning rail network allows shippers to and from Asia and South America to bypass the facility traffic and road congestion of other West Coast ports to achieve superior transit times with less hassle, cargo damage, and waiting.

From mineral ore to steel and aluminum, grain to wind turbine blades, the Port of Vancouver USA brings together a unique combination of location, experienced labor, specialized equipment, and flexible problem solving to seamlessly and efficiently handle diverse break bulk, bulk, and project cargo for customers around the globe.

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Port of Vancouver USA

3103 NW Lower River Road, Vancouver, WA 98660

PHONE360-693-3611 FAX360-735-1565 EMAIL info@portvanusa.com