Port of Vancouver USA will make the following adjustment to Tariff No. 6 effective January 1, 2021:

  1. The front page of the tariff will update the new tariff effective 1/1/2021.
  2. The front page of the tariff will revise the list of the Board of Commissioner’s titles.
  3. Index on pages 2 and 3 updated to reflect appropriate location of specified content.
  4. Dockage Defined (Tariff Item #216): Added river barges to this definition.
  5. Dockage (Tariff Item #301.2.a): Added “tow” and “barge” to length-over-all measurements.
  6. Dockage (Tariff Item #301.3.Note A): Included statement excluding dockage fees to river going barges calling the grain elevator.
  7. Environmental Service Fee (Tariff Item #334): The environmental service fee charged for bulk was increased from $3.45 to $3.70 per MT effective January 1, 2021.
  8. Water (Tariff Item #342): This tariff change will adjust the water rates to be consistent with the City of Vancouver’s January 1, 2021 water rate increases. Rate is yet to be determined as of this announcement.
  9. Commodity Rates (Tariff Item #405): Added “Dry Bulk” header
    1. Dry Bulk NOS, added S&F of 0.50 per metric tons.
  10. Commodity Rates (Tariff Item #405) Liquid Bulk:
    1. Wharfage Increase for Petroleum Products from 0.30 per barrel to 0.45 per barrel

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