Presenting Standard Tort Claims to the Port of Vancouver

Chapter 4.96 RCW requires the Port of Vancouver to receive and process citizen’s standard tort claims against Port of Vancouver. Port of Vancouver objectively determines the state’s liability for claimed injuries. It fairly compensates claimants for damages when liability is supported, and denies claims when liability is unsupported. Port of Vancouver recognizes its stewardship role in protecting port district resources by striving for efficient and timely service to citizens presenting a Standard Tort Claim to us.

How to present a standard tort claim

  1. Complete the standard tort claim form.
  2. Present the completed form in person or mail it to Port of Vancouver USA.

Port of Vancouver USA
Port Auditor: Scott Goodrich
3103 NW Lower River Road
Vancouver, WA 98660

Port of Vancouver acknowledges receipt of a Standard Tort Claim by letter to the Claimant. For claim follow-up or acknowledgement questions, call 360-693-3611. Business hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Port of Vancouver office is closed on weekends and official state holidays.

Important items to note when completing the form

  • Type or print clearly in ink and sign the form
  • Provide all requested information and any available documents or evidence supporting your claim, such as medical records or bills for personal injuries, photographs, proof of ownership for property damages, receipts for property value, etc.
  • If the requested information cannot be supplied in the space provided, please use additional blank sheets so your Standard Tort Claim form can be easily read and understood.
  • State law requires an original signature on the Standard Tort Claim form. This means Standard Tort Claim forms cannot be submitted electronically (fax or e-mail).
  • The Standard Tort Claim form must be signed by the Claimant; or by a person holding a written power of attorney from the Claimant; or by the attorney in fact for the Claimant; or by an attorney admitted to practice in Washington state on the Claimant’s behalf; or by a court-approved guardian ad litem on behalf of the Claimant.
  • The length of the Standard Tort Claim investigation varies greatly depending on the complexity of the issues and the availability of documents and witnesses to support causation and damages. A Standard Tort Claim can be resolved and closed quicker when all relevant information and documents are provided initially for the investigator’s consideration.

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