Port of Vancouver USA Finance Director Scott Goodrich is a consummate professional, often seen relaying the port’s financial picture at Commission meetings and playing a key role in investment decisions. Little do his colleagues know that they are discussing budget approvals with an All-World Athlete.

  • Port Finance Director Scott Goodrich at IRONMAN Wisconsin 2019

Goodrich is in the top 1% of athletes in the USA, and for his age group, ranks 79th in the nation.  He recently completed his third full IRONMAN competition in Wisconsin where he finished in 10 hours and 50 minutes. The IRONMAN is a global endurance event and brings the world’s best athletes together for a triathlon like no other. A full event breaks down into a total of 140.6 miles – 2.4 swimming, 112 biking, and a final run of 26.2.

To help strategize and stay on top of his game, Scott enlists the help of a coach who recently blogged about his success in the Wisconsin race.  Scott’s dedication and preparation helped him to overcome weather conditions and mentally reprogram his game plan to ultimately pass over 1,100 fellow competitors and place 148th overall.

Scott is in athlete mode 100% of the time. The secret to the long game is consistency – committing to a diet plan, training regimen, and mental preparation.

“Follow a plan, trust your coach, and find the balance with family, work and training,” said Goodrich. “The port has always valued that balanced approach to work and life.”

Scott inspires others at the port to lead a healthy life. During lunch he’ll go jogging with those that want to join and is happy to discuss nutrition and fitness along with monthly financials.

What’s next for Scott?  He has officially qualified for the 2021 Boston Marathon, and ultimately hopes to compete at an IRONMAN World Championship Event. 

In additional to solo training, Goodrich works with a community of local clubs and a global team, the Wattie Ink Hit Squad. He encourages others to get involved by checking out USA Triathlon and Why Racing Events.

Way to go Scott! The Port of Vancouver USA family is cheering for you!