The Port of Vancouver USA wants to give a shout to one of our security officers, Don Bryant! Last month he participated in the World Police and Fire Games in Chengdu, China, winning a gold medal in the Men 60+ Division for bench pressing 120.0 KG (264.5 lbs.).

  • Port Security Officer Don Bryant and his gold medal from the World Police and Fire Games

This was Bryant’s fifth time participating in the games, which are held every two years.  Athletes from across the world compete in over 60 different sports and represent law enforcement, firefighters, and officers from various departments. 

In addition to participating in competitions around the world, Bryant volunteers at the Washington State School for the Blind as a powerlifting coach. With 34 years of powerlifting experience, Bryant not only wants to give the students safe & empowering weightlifting instruction, but encourages them to adopt healthy, active lifestyles.

“I think it’s important to deconstruct the stigma about weight lifting and make people understand, especially the older individuals, that life never stops and getting old is no reason to let your motivation slip,” said Bryant. “You are never too old to start, today could be day one.”             

Congratulations, Don!