The Port of Vancouver USA wishes a very happy National Intern Day to our intern, Nabaa Wali! Nabaa is a junior at Fort Vancouver High School and will be starting the Running Start program at Clark College this fall.

Happy National Intern Day to our intern, Nabaa Wali!

Over the summer, Nabaa has learned about the wide array of operations at the port while working with our economic development department and its support of the Interstate Bridge Replacement Project (IBRP). After taking a tour of the port, Nabaa said that she’s very excited for the Terminal 1 redevelopment project, especially the Renaissance Trail. With two weeks left in her internship, Nabaa says that the biggest takeaway so far is the importance of communication and how critical those skills are when it comes large projects like IBRP and Terminal 1. 

Nabaa is the fourth intern to work with the port, thanks to our friends at Partners in Careers. Here at the Port of Vancouver, we believe that internships are critical to providing students the opportunity to see what careers are available, not just within the department that they are supporting, but for the port as a whole.  

Thank you so much for all your great work this summer, Nabaa!

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