At the port, we understand that we share the roads with our neighbors. We are working with current tenants to encourage people who work on port property to carpool, vanpool and use transit options.

The port has adopted a Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program in line with the State of Washington’s CTR program. To do this, we’ve provided several options for employees wishing to lower the amount of times they drive to work alone. The port allows alternative work schedules, where staff can work longer hours and less days in a week.

Telecommuting or teleworking from home is an available option for some. This also helps with staff on overseas business trips stay connected. The port provides its employees with indoor bicycle parking along with showers and lockers for those who bike to work, and we are developing a program to increase the number of employees who carpool to work.

The port also participates in Clark County’s Smart Commuter Campaign, Wheel Options, Bicycle Transportation Alliances annual bike commute challenge, and Clark County’s Emergency Ride Home Program to assist our employees who choose a commute alternative to work.

Reducing commute trips helps improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and decrease the use of petroleum fuels.