MattGraves_DougHall_ABC_014938047eThe port’s Tenant Environmental Management Program (TEMP) is a comprehensive approach to avoiding and minimizing the environmental impacts associated with the port’s 50-plus industrial tenants. This award-winning process reviews a tenant’s environmental needs prior to entering into a lease with the port and remains in place through the end of the tenant’s lease.

Successful elements of the program include pre-lease screening of potential tenants and their practices and periodic onsite reviews of tenant environmental protection practices. The port conducts outreach and communication with tenants, and promotes sharing best management practices by other tenants throughout their lease term. By developing and implementing the TEMP, the port can be a leader in innovative and proactive measures to ensure tenant success and future productive use of its properties while balancing the needs of the natural environment.


In an effort to increase our tenants’ awareness and understanding of environmental regulations and best management practices, the port conducts annual environmental walkthroughs of port-owned facilities. These visits include a review of products and procedures; specifically in the areas of pollution prevention, hazardous materials handling, stormwater management and surface water protection. The process includes a pre-walkthrough questionnaire, a site visit and interview, and summary and follow-up (which can include tenant education, recommendations and ideas.) Walkthroughs are also conducted prior to a tenant ending their lease with the port to ensure the property is vacated in good condition. The frequency of the walkthroughs are determined based upon use and other factors.