Reconfigure Inner Loop Tracks -1The West Vancouver Freight Access Terminal 5 Expansion / SPL project is moving forward, with the outer rail line fully operational. The rail construction project will add approximately 2,450 feet of new track and relocate 6,300 feet of track within the Terminal 5 loop track. This configuration will result in the ability to handle 120 cars at the new facility versus the original 110.

Apollo Inc. and its subcontractor Coast Rail are currently expanding the inner loop track by reconfiguring and relocating the rail line. All electrical infrastructure, including utility casing extension work and all street lights have been installed and are operational.

Security fencing is currently underway and about 40 percent complete. The last stage in the project, which is projected for completion in mid-March, includes the final rail tie-ins to the existing rail line, resulting in a fully-functional rail route.