VANCOUVER, Wash. – Today the Port of Vancouver USA’s Board of Commissioners authorized Julianna Marler, CEO, to develop and implement the Climate Action Plan (CAP) based on initiatives presented in today’s Board of Commissioners meeting. The plan will provide direction for port staff to implement work that supports the effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions derived from port activities.

Developing a Climate Action Plan was identified by commissioners in the Strategic Plan as one of the port’s environmental goals, aiming to protect air quality through deliberate and proactive efforts in all aspects of the port’s operations.

The port has identified specific actions that will reduce the port’s GHG emissions. Some of the work involved establishing a current GHG inventory, conducting a robust public engagement process, collecting and evaluating data and determining reduction actions that align with state and federal goals.  

“The Climate Action Plan is one more step in the port’s continuing commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Julianna Marler, CEO, Port of Vancouver. “We believe we have actions that will achieve positive results and are looking forward to implementing some of these actions next year.”

The GHG reduction actions and corresponding implementation strategy will provide information for port staff to propose budget items to support reduction goals. Commissioners will consider and take action on these budget items as part of the annual budget process. 

The framework and initiatives of the plan were presented to the Board of Commissioners and discussed during the June 8 and July 13, 2021 commission workshops. The Climate Action Plan document will be finalized and be publicly available later this summer. The plan is intended to be dynamic and adapt as science, technology and port operations change over time.

In 2020, the port hired a consultant team to assist with the development of the Climate Action Plan. The consultants are experts in the fields of climate change analysis and planning, public involvement and transportation from three consulting firms: RambollWSP USA and Fehr & Peers.

For more information about the port’s Climate Action Plan, please visit Both the webpage and Frequently Asked Questions are available in Spanish.


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