The Port of Vancouver USA’s Terminal 1 redevelopment project took home the “2024 Environmental Stewardship Award” given out by the Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) last Friday. 

Washington’s 75 public ports are represented by the WPPA, which each year awards an individual port for noteworthy environmental stewardship efforts. The port’s ongoing project to reimagine its original Terminal 1 location into a mixed-use development centered around a public market notched multiple environmental-sustainability achievements in 2023. 

 The port’s Terminal 1 redevelopment project earned the Washington Public Port Association’s (WPPA) Environmental Stewardship Award last week. WPPA Executive Director Eric ffitch (right) joins multiple port commissioners and staff at the 2024 award ceremony. 

 “We’re so proud of this recognition that the Port of Vancouver USA has put environmental sustainability at the center of our Terminal 1 redevelopment,” said Eric LaBrant, the port commission president. “The way this project is coming to life on the Vancouver waterfront shows that sustainability is smart business.” 

 “The Terminal 1 redevelopment embodies WPPA’s core value of environmental stewardship, where old creosote pilings were removed to make way for a new public market that will allow people to gather and businesses to thrive,” said Eric ffitch, Executive Director of WPPA. “The Port of Vancouver USA is very deserving of our 2024 award.” 

 About Terminal 1 and its environmental stewardship 

 The port ensured its 10-acre Terminal 1 master plan was certified as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold neighborhood, meaning buildings and sites there must meet LEED-Gold standards – or better. LEED is the most widely used green building standard in the world. 

 In 2023, Terminal 1’s first completed building – an AC Hotel by Marriott – received its LEED Gold Certification.  

 Lincoln Property Company West remained busy developing other blocks at Terminal 1 in 2023, including the new headquarters for ZoomInfo that will also meet LEED Gold standards.  

 The port’s Vancouver Landing public open space earned an Award of Merit from the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2023. The features that earned it this award include multiple green design features: sustainable infrastructure elements, efficient irrigation, greening of the derelict amphitheater and several others.  

 The port also began removing more than 1,000 creosote-treated wooden pilings from its century-old dock in 2023, making way for a more environmentally friendly structure that will support an over-the-water public market.