An artist’s rendering of Centennial Industrial Building, looking south toward the port’s marine terminals and the Columbia River

Design and permitting for a 125,000-square-foot industrial building at the Port of Vancouver USA is underway, with construction scheduled for this fall.

The Centennial Industrial Building (CIB) will be a state-of-the-industry facility with dock and grade doors, on-site office space, easy access for tractors and trailer turn around, and ample electrical supply.

Customizable for one to five tenants, with easy access to Interstate 5, rail transload centers and the 43-foot-deep Columbia River, CIB will be ideal for new or expanding businesses in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Sustainable and industry-forward design
The port has hired architecture firm Mackenzie and commercial real estate firm Kidder Mathews to collaborate on design and permitting for a cold shell building with a durable concrete slab floor and tilt-up walls.

At first blush, CIB might sound like a fancy box, but the value is in the details.

Since CIB has a 32-foot interior clearance, the floor slab will be 6.5 inches thick–half an inch thicker than standard–to support heavier loads for interior racking and storage. The roof will feature a durable, fully adhered PVC membrane rather than the industry standard, which is typically a mechanically fastened, single-ply thermoplastic polyolefin membrane. A portion of the roof will also be built to solar-ready standards to accommodate future solar energy equipment.

Future tenants won’t have to worry about fire suppression upgrades; CIB is being designed with early suppression fast response (ESFR) sprinkler systems. Ideal for storage and distribution facilities, ESFR systems target a fire’s source and extinguish it rather than just controlling a fire until responders arrive.

CIB is also being designed and constructed to match the port’s commitment to sustainability. In addition to being solar ready, the building design incorporates LED lighting; native landscaping; utility infrastructure for future vehicle charging stations; bird-safe windows and lighting; trapped catch basins; oil-water separators in the truck bays; and stringent stormwater management requirements.

Sustainable landscaping with native plants means low-water, low-maintenance landscapes around CIB’s exterior. The lot also includes a public trail constructed and maintained by the port. The trail connects to a larger trail system planned for Centennial Industrial Park and adjacent to the natural areas of the Columbia River Wetland Mitigation Bank.

Next steps
The port and its consultants are moving through the design and permitting with the City of Vancouver this summer. Construction is expected to begin this fall, with completion scheduled for mid-2017.

The port is currently accepting pre-leases for CIB. For more information, please contact Mike Schiller at 360-992-1113 or Chrissy Lyons at 360-213-1245.