Here at the Port of Vancouver USA, we are constantly looking for ways to conserve energy to be responsible stewards of both the environment and public resources. A partnership with Clark Public Utilities (CPU) under their Commercial Lighting Upgrade Program (CLIP) is helping us achieve those goals by upgrading existing lighting fixtures to more energy-efficient options.

Port crews have been working with existing tenants and CPU to upgrade lighting fixtures in port buildings to energy-efficient LED fixtures and bulbs from metal halide fixtures installed decades ago, before recent evolutions in energy-efficient lighting. The upgrades include everything from fluorescent tubes to desk lamps to exit signs. In addition to saving energy, changing the outdated equipment also saves labor and material costs and reduces waste due to the longer life span of LEDs.  LEDs also provide for a brighter, safer and more comfortable work environment.

In order to complete the upgrades, port crews work with tenants to determine the type of fixtures they currently have and how many fixtures will need to be upgraded. The port then works with a CPU representative to calculate the rebate that will be given through the CLIP program—savings that are passed on to both the port and our tenants. Port tenant Trobella Cabinetry recently went through the lighting-upgrade program and has seen a 70% reduction in utility payments by upgrading 79 lighting fixtures. Since the program’s inception at the port, over a million-kilowatt hours annually have been saved due to lighting efficiency improvements.

The CLIP program was a natural fit for the port, and reflects our environmental values highlighted in our Strategic Plan, which states, “…Conserve energy and maximize the use of sustainable resources in the construction and operation of facilities and delivery of our services.” The program also helps support some of our other sustainability initiatives like our commitment to purchasing 100 percent of electricity with renewable energy certificates and incorporating sustainable building practices into new port facilities. Reducing energy usage also helps the port and our tenants reduce the carbon footprint associated with daily operations.

“The crews we have here at the port are amazing,” said Facilities and Fleet Manager Chris Jackson. “I’m proud of the quality of workmanship and how efficiently they accomplish these important projects.”

We are also grateful for the opportunity to partner with CPU to conserve energy, save money and reduce our footprint through their innovative program.

You can learn more about our sustainability goals and initiatives by visiting our “We Can!” sustainability report.